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MediTape Reports - For the Best Results
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MediTape Reports - For the Best Results

Product Catalog

Most MediTape orders come in packs of 100 sheets of Reports (or sets of Reports and Duplicate Records). We recommend you also order, for each application, a Clipboard to ensure best writing results and a 3-Ring Record Binder to store Duplicate Records.

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Click below on the application that interests you and click "Order Info" above the design you want. Then select "Sets" or "Tapes," a format, and imprint preference. For more complete ordering information, click here.

For the Lab

MediTape Reports - For the Best Results
MediTape Reports - For the Best Results

For the Front Office

Customize MediTape Reports to Fit Your Needs

MediTape Reports are easy to customize to fit your exact needs. Sketch out what you'd like, modify one of our existing reports, or show us what you use now and we'll convert it to a MediTape Report.
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Handy accessories such as clipboards, binders, mount sheets and more make patient documentation easy.

How to order MediTape Reports

Think of a MediTape Report as a "Form-on-a-Label." When ordering MediTape Reports, you need to be mindful of two basic aspects of the product:

  1. the printed DESIGN of the "Form"
  2. the FORMAT of the "Label" that the form is printed on
(1) MediTape DESIGNS
Choose from three categories of MediTape designs.

(2) MediTape FORMATS
All MediTape Reports come either as "Sets" (of multiple copies) or as one copy of "Tapes" only, in one of four distinct formats.

MediTape Reports - For the Best Results

    SheetsNumber of Copies ("Sets" vs. "Tapes")
    Specify "Sets" to order your MediTape Reports with an attached non-adhesive Duplicate Record Sheet.
    Specify "Tapes" to order your MediTape Reports with NO attached Duplicate Record Sheet.

    Most MediTape orders are packaged in handy dispenser boxes of one hundred 8 3/8" x 11" sheets of Tapes only or of one hundred Sets of Reports with Duplicate Record Sheets.

    Wire BindingWire Binding
    Handy for office or countertop. Two 9" x 11" books of 50 sheets each per order of 100 sheets. Available as Tapes only or as Sets. A Transfer Shield prevents entries from leaving unwanted impressions underneath.

    Individual Report SlipsIndividual Report Slips
    Maximum versatility. Cut for one-at-a-time use. Available for Tapes only or for Sets in the three standard sizes (Narrow, Wide, Jumbo).

    Padded SheetsPadded Sheets
    Full sheets of Tapes only (no Duplicate Record Sheet). Two pads, 50 pages per pad, glued along the left edge. 8 3/8" x 11".

Sizes (choice of 7)
MediTape Reports come in three widths, all with a standard length of 7 1/4". For the actual size of each design, see its product description. Any MediTape Report design may be customized to your specifications.

    Narrow = 3/4" wide
    Also available two across ("Doubles," each 3 9/16" long) and three across ("Triples," each 2 5/16" long)

    Wide = 1 1/2" wide
    Also available two across ("Doubles," each 3 9/16" long)

    Jumbo = 2 1/2" wide
    Also available two across ("Doubles," each 3 9/16" long)

Exception: The Dial-Log Telephone Message Reports come 6" long.

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MediTape Reports - For the Best Results
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